First off, Spawn is a term of an endearment like Little One. Just so you know. Also, at the suggestion of my husband and various family members, I have blocked out her face (these are bad times we live in so be understanding of our paranoia).


My toddler’s hair finally grew in after two and half years and of course the first way it grows is in her face. I have tried clips and hair bands and she likes it for five seconds before ripping it all out. And honestly, it wouldn’t bother me if she didn’t walk into a wall at least once a day because they are covering her eyes.

So today, I decided that it was time for her to be able to see. And I had to be the one to cut it.

Why did I have to be the one to cut it? Well, impatience for one. I can say for most certainty that I can be impulsive to the point of calling it a character flaw. Also, I remember my mum cutting my hair many times while I was growing up and it feels almost like a milestone in motherhood (at least in my family). Maybe even a bonding experience.

And we only have one car and my husband has work so I couldn’t take her to someone who actually knows how to cut toddler hair. I don’t know how to properly cut hair. So what did I do?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I actually used Google before doing (or writing) something. I had barely typed ‘How to cut Toddler…’ before I was suggested to click on a WikiHow article

WikiHow articles had actually helped me in the past so I clicked on it. It was helpful in general and usually I do better with written directions than I do verbal but it wasn’t enough to give me enough courage to cut her hair.

So I went back and redid the search while adding the words ‘…short hair bangs’ to the search in order to get something more specific (something that usually doesn’t work because specifics are usually a hinderance rather than helpful) and legit the first thing was a Hair Cutting Video.

I watched the video for the duration that was timed out and after watching the mum cut her young daughter’s bangs, I had more courage to do it.

Now, the entire time that I had been doing the searches, I already had my scissors, my hair spray bottle (which I originally got because it was a $1), and my brush laid out on my coffee table. My daughter was sitting in her chair that was on top of a towel with another towel draped around her shoulders (that I ended up not using because she didn’t want it). I had ‘Lady and the Tramp’ on to help distract her a bit. She didn’t know what was happening but she seemed down.

After I had dampened her hair and brushed it forward (and followed the general instructions), she kept trying to move her hair out of her face and moving her head. She was having a Thing 1/Thing 2 moment where she does the opposite of what you tell her.

After what I felt like twenty minutes (which means it was like 3) I was finally able to hold her head still while I cut her bangs along just the top of her eyebrows.

I say ‘top’ because her hair had dried enough that it would have been too long if I had cut them just on or just below the eyebrows.

First thoughts after I had first seen it were:

‘Omg did I do it right?’ Which is still up for debate and

‘Omg she looks even more like my sister.’ Which both my mum and my sister agree to (but when she smiles, she looks like me 🙂 )

Thanks for reading! Aloha!

I would love to hear a story about your favorite or worst haircut that you’ve had! Comment or contact me!



Friend’s Day! …with babies!

Today, my new friends and I are going to the mall. With the little ones. This should be an adventure. I’m actually pretty excited for this because I haven’t been to the mall that they’re talking about (I’ve heard only legends…and the few news reports when someone fell off a railing), it’s a girl’s day (when you grow up with only male friends, having friends who are girls that actually want to spend time with you and that aren’t mean is amazing), and I get to go shopping.

One of them was talking about leaving her little one with a sitter because he doesn’t do well in malls or shopping centers (we think it might be because of too many people and when they’re in a stroller they can’t see us) but ultimately decided to bring him since we’ll have my little one and hopefully they can distract each other. I had even thought of the same since it would make shopping easier (my little one is currently in her grab-everything-she-sees phase). But if there is one particular thing that I am not comfortable doing (among the many things I’m not comfortable with) it’s leaving my little one with a sitter. And I actually know why that is too.

After I announced I was pregnant on my Facebook, all of a sudden it was like my Facebook feed was filled with news reports and articles of babies passing away while in the care of someone other than their parent (posts babies passing away because of their parents were on there just as much) and thus this fear of leaving my little one with anyone besides family was embedded into me.

So because of that, I took my little one everywhere I go and if she can’t go, then I don’t go. The few exceptions were when my cousin took me out drinking and I left her with my grandparents (after she fell asleep), when I went to my best friend/brother/godfather (one day his title will be as long as Dany’s) of my daughter’s 21st birthday and I left her with my sister for the night, and when I went to the movies that one time with my sister and my little one was with our parents. There were a few others were I had to run errands but she was always with family.

Now, I live on a different island than my family so my safety net of people who I trust and who are willing to watch my little one is gone. I’ve made friends with other mums who have watched each other’s kids and I would like to ask one of them if they could watch her for an hour to get her used to other people watching her. My husband has even found a couple willing to watch her if he and I ever want to go on a date night (imagine my shock that my homebody hubby actually wants to go out). But that little tingle in the pit of my stomach, that worry, that guilt, keeps me from wanting to.

As my mum says, I’ll have to cut the apron strings at some point. I just want to make the right choice you know?

Thanks for reading! Peace!

Coffee Addict Much?

Pretty much anybody that knows me personally knows that I really love my coffee in the morning. If my little one isn’t awake before me (a rare and lovely event), brewing coffee is the first thing I do. Do I love it for the taste? Yes. I’m a no creamer type of girl unless I get it from the gas station. Do I love it because it makes me feel less dead? Definitely! Am I an addict when it comes to coffee? Probably.

I mostly joke about being addicted to coffee but I can’t deny that when I don’t have it for a few days straight, I start going through withdrawals. When I worked at Starbucks, we all would go through a coffee cleanse when we were having to put more shots of espresso into our already pretty caffeinated drinks. Like any addict will tell you, withdrawals suck (but I suspect that coffee withdrawals are not as intense).

Usually what happens first with me when I start my coffee cleanse is that my entire body feels tired, heavy. I can actually feel the bags under my eyes weighing down my face.There is something satisfyingly raw about that sensation that I never mind pushing through it (sounds odd I know). At least during the cleanse, I didn’t have trouble falling asleep at night (or as soon as I had gotten home).

The worst part of it (for me) are the tension headaches. They always started at the point where my skull meets my neck and radiated out. Sometimes they start by my temple making me wince or pull a face if it starts all of a sudden. I never took (and still don’t) any type of pain reliever because I used to be very stubborn about getting through the pain on my own (now it’s just because I wait until it gets really bad). The headaches last for only a few days during the cleanse and decrease in intensity over that time period. I usually didn’t notice when they stopped because no matter how bad a headache was, I still had to work.

Now the worst part of a cleanse for other people is the irritability that hit around the middle of it. Working in customer service was already a pain in the butt, a slowly decaffeinating me made it feel worse so I always had to try and keep it in check while at work. At home however, well, me and my sister would argue far more. My mum would call me a grumpy cat while I sat there with, you guessed it, a grumpy look on my face. Looking back on it, it was nice (annoying back then) to have a family that didn’t take me seriously during that time.

I would go on the coffee cleanse for about a month or so during slow season so that when busy season (summer, ending of fall, and winter) hit, my tolerance for caffeine was super low. I was able to drink coffee and get that amazing burst of energy that allowed me to do several things at once as well as deal with unruly customers with a large smile on my face.

Nowadays, the thought of going on a coffee cleanse is not welcomed. I most likely need to go on one since I’ve been drinking coffee (at least four mugs full) every morning since I stopped breastfeeding but I dread it. I ran out of coffee and couldn’t buy more for three days and all the withdrawal symptoms hit at once and oh lord almighty it sucked.

That’s actually more of a reason to go on a coffee cleanse for a while isn’t it?

Maybe I should start switching to tea for an energy boost. I will let you know if I do decide to make a switch and what it feels like.

Thanks for reading! Peace!

A Little Rain Never Hurt

That is the phrase that goes through my head every time it starts to drizzle whenever I am outside with my little one. It’s like a reassurance that being caught in the beginning stages of a rainy day isn’t going to harm me or her. We’re not going to catch a cold from being caught in a drizzle of rain for about ten minutes. It’s something I think pretty much every day because contrary to popular opinion, parts of Hawaii rain quite a bit.

I say popular opinion, but really its more of a common complaint customers would give me when I used to work at Starbucks.

I can’t believe it’s raining! Said with just a bit of outrage that the clouds dare leak during their vacation.

We came here to escape the rain! Despite the fact that they’re just, you know, complaining, my smart ass brain couldn’t help but think that the only place one could possibly escape rain is the desert (or my home of Kawaihae where it only rains four times a year, or a whole week if we were lucky).

My personal favorite is: It’s not supposed to rain in Hawaii! 

Now that one has been said very often and I really feel like that it’s one of those sentences that weren’t completely formed in the mind before being blurted out of the mouth. And it makes me giggle inside because, mother nature is going to do whatever she pleases, whenever she pleases.

I get it that rain can put a damper on plans because a lot of the fun things to do in the islands, like hiking or zip-lining, would have to be put on the back burner since it’s relatively unsafe to do such things in the rain. Plus, not everyone enjoys being wet.

I remember enjoying the rain when I was little. Standing outside in it or playing tag with my sister or the other kids on the street when the summer rain started and just letting it soak our clothes to our skin. The only time we would be forced to go in is when it started dumping buckets or if the wind picked up while it rained. I remember doing this all the way into high school. Even after I had gotten over my pneumonia (which was actually caused by a misdiagnosis, but not from standing in the rain for too long) I liked to stand in the open when it rained at school (I was a weirdo in high school though).

I don’t know when it started but, for a while, I hid away when it rained. Stayed in the house. Stayed dry. Stayed warm. I don’t know why that started. Do we, as we become adults, become more wary of rain and other elements that didn’t bother us as much as kids? Does heat bother us more or is it really getting that hot? Is it really that cold or is our skin more susceptible to it? Is everything just that sucky or is it the negativity of our own minds that makes everything that was once simple and good into something sucky?

I think these questions will linger for a while. I’m not sure if I want them to be answered. I just know that the rain doesn’t bother my little one. She just looks up at the sky for a second and then looks straight again while I push her stroller along, looping up and around back home instead of to the park. She reminds me of a time when I was young and not bothered by the rain.

Thanks for reading! Peace!

Choosing my battles

When I was younger my mum would constantly tell me to “pick my battles” and I had no idea what she was talking about until I hit adulthood. I realized she was talking about me and my sister fighting and that she wanted me to give in because my sister is more hellish to deal with whenever we fought (not much different now but I still don’t back down from her). Now that I’m a mum of a toddler I am hearing those words playing in my head on repeat.

There are things I don’t let my little one get away that others have told me I should give a rest every now and again. Like, telling her to get off the table. However, I’m going to keep on her about climbing onto the table and various other high objects because so far she has demonstrated that my clumsy gene is stronger than her daddy’s graceful gene.

The battles I have chosen not to fight consistently are usually not dangerous for her to be doing, just really messy. Like when she decides she wants to take all of her clothes out of the drawers and throw them on the ground. Or when she goes into the desk and throws all the papers on the floor-which she’ll do whenever I’m cooking.

If those of you are wondering what having a toddler, not a baby, is like, a lot of it is making sure the toddler doesn’t bang themselves up too bad and cleaning up after them. I am actually pretty confident in that because of my own toddler. Then again, that could just be my toddler. My toddler is the Tasmanian Devil honestly.

What’s funny is that in choosing my battles with my toddler, which are usually the least exhausting ones, I’ve actually been better about picking my battles with other people and with life in general. Like is it worth it to argue my point across with some people who are being ignorant? My pride has definitely been put in check more than once because of this life lesson. At least I think so.

Thanks for reading! Peace!

Sick Mommy Tips

It’s one of those weeks (honestly one of those months) where things aren’t going as smoothly as they could be and it’s frustrating. To add to the mounting stress, I’m sick. Fever, aches, cough, random moments of chills and heat, and tiredness are all the fun things my body is currently enduring.

I have always been one of those sick people that despite feeling like death, I would still go to school and, later on, work. I got this habit from my parents (but I hope to break the cycle with my children) so couple that with the fact that I am a mum, I have pushed my body a little beyond it’s limits.

This post is mostly about what not to do when you’re sick and have a little one to take care of as well as household chores that need to be done.

The biggest thing not to do is do not skip out on a meals just because you don’t feel hungry (unless you have food poisoning or the stomach flu because I don’t think eating anything except maybe crackers will be helpful). I tried to do that yesterday and my husband caught on when he realized I wasn’t snacking like I usually do. Eat something small. Ramen always does it for me. Its quick and with aching bones, it’s less of a chore to cook. If your budget allows, order food for you and your family (cuz nasal dripping into food is unavoidable unless you stick cotton up your nose). If it’s not in your budget, I do suggest microwaveable meals. Probably gonna get hate for that but at least my family’s stomachs are full.

Drink water but not only regular cold water. I don’t know about the rest of you out there but my body doesn’t like cold water when I’m running a certain amount of fever. It’s a little sore going down honestly. Also, I find water gross when I’m sick (water being gross is actually the first sign that I’m sick since I get hot easily and most of the other symptoms is what I have when my allergies start kicking my butt). So what I’ve been doing so I’ll keep drinking water and staying hydrated is that I make hot water through my coffee pot, pop a lemon slice into my mug and pour the hot water over it. The lemon is simply because I read that lemon water is good for you so why not drink it while I’m sick right? The heat from the water itself has been helpful with my throat and my cough.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I swear I’m not yelling through the computer, just trying to emphasize an important point that I have spent most of my life ignoring and dealing with the consequences of. If you start to feel even a little faint, that means it’s time for a break from whatever thing you’re doing. Even if it’s standing. Grab your little one, put them in the room with you (hopefully you have less wires than I do) and just lay down for a bit. I think it’s okay for your little one to cry for a little bit if you put them in a play pen but that’s just me. Do what works for your little one so that you can just lay down for a little bit.

Definitely sleep when your little one sleeps. If you’re like me and can’t seem to sleep when your family does (which seems to be happening more and more often lately), just lay there for a bit. Or if you’re feeling up to it, do a little bit of the household stuff. Light stuff like dishes and laundry are good to do. Save the heavy stuff, like mopping or moving furniture around, for when you feel better.

Also, you don’t have to clean. Just for one day, just let everything go. You are a human being. You need to rest.

Obviously this post works mostly for stay at home parents. If you are working, I do suggest calling in perhaps on the worst day of the sickness. We’re already contagious a week before we start showing symptoms (or so my mum says) so there’s already a good chance you’ve infected the rest of your co-workers. But you’re not going to be able to get much done and you’ll risk yourself getting even worse if you don’t call in that day.

All in all, do what you feel you need to do when it comes to sickness. You know your body better than I do. This is just what helps me (even though I don’t always do it).

Thanks for reading! Peace!

My Weekend

Even though I say this is a daily blog, I have a hard time thinking of something to write, especially on a weekend. This past weekend was no different but it was also a little bit more busier. We didn’t leave the house except for when I went to the little convenience store to restock on bread and house hold fresheners since I spent the whole weekend cleaning.

Being a house wife many people would assume that the house should be perfectly clean during the week. However, I am also a stay at home mother of a toddler. I spend much of week days taking my toddler to the park or on play dates after breakfast so she can tire herself out so that after lunch, she can take an hour to two hour nap. During that nap time I’ll wash dishes, sweep and mop. If it’s a Wednesday, then laundry gets added onto the list of stuff I do that day. That alone is not enough to keep the house perfectly clean though. Trying to clean while my little one is awake is not a great option because she tries to “help.”

Weekends are when I can vacuum and do a deep clean. Reason being? My husband is usually off on weekends and will more or less watch our little one while I clean. This past weekend was an even deeper clean than usual (which I’m still not finished doing) since I leave to visit with my parents tomorrow with the little one (husband can’t get off work). We’ll be gone an entire week (including father’s day weekend because of plane ticket prices) and the last thing I want to have on my mind is the state of my home.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. It’s an uneasy feeling leaving the house without it completely clean. Bugs can accumulate. Being gone a week means a week the house will go without being swept and mopped every day.

Now some may ask, why doesn’t the husband clean while I’m gone? Well, because he won’t. I’m going to leave it at that because then this post will become an entirely different one.

It’s amazing the stuff I discovered this past weekend while cleaning. I found a majority tool heads for the drill my husband has that we couldn’t find for the longest while. I also discovered my husband has far more clothes than I do (go figure) so about three loads of laundry was dedicated to just his stuff. We found random chargers that we thought were lost, as well as a whole bunch of coins that we can exchange for cash.

That was my insignificant weekend but my mind will soon be at ease about leaving.

Thanks for reading! Peace!