The Bittersweet Parts of Life

I think I'll do this in list form in order of when it hits my mind. It's hard to rank bittersweet things in the first place. 1. Watching my baby grow- She is my tiny human but every day she's getting bigger and one day she won't really need me and while I will welcome …

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Beauty and the Beast and the variety

The 2017 live action version of Beauty and the Beast is now released on DVD as well as on iTunes and Google Play (in case you didn't already know) and my little one is currently watching it on the tablet while eating some chicken nuggets (yes yes I know bad mommy for putting her in …

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The Friendships that Lasted

I very recently posted about friendships dissolving after high school, my own experiences with it, so I decided to write one about the friendships that have lasted after High school and beyond my own expectations. A fun part of it is that this post is about two people as well. Sort of like the counterparts …

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