Coffee Addict Much?

Pretty much anybody that knows me personally knows that I really love my coffee in the morning. If my little one isn't awake before me (a rare and lovely event), brewing coffee is the first thing I do. Do I love it for the taste? Yes. I'm a no creamer type of girl unless I …

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Sick Mommy Tips

It's one of those weeks (honestly one of those months) where things aren't going as smoothly as they could be and it's frustrating. To add to the mounting stress, I'm sick. Fever, aches, cough, random moments of chills and heat, and tiredness are all the fun things my body is currently enduring. I have always …

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Parent Talk: Needing Time

Since the very beginning of this journey of parenthood (like when I was still pregnant), I was constantly told (mainly by my mum) that I needed to take time for myself every once and while. That I'll need time to myself, by myself. As a pregnant person, I agreed with my mum that I will …

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