Going Back to Big Island

…but not forever.

My mum has to have back surgery in about a month or so and she had asked if I could come back to help gut out my old room and clean it up so it would be one less thing she has to worry about. Obviously, I said yes. But I also asked if my friend and her son could come along and they said yes.

So for two weeks I will not be posting on this blog unless I stay somewhere with wifi and laptop I can use since I will not be bringing mine. I will be taking pictures and writing while I am on Big Island as well.

With this being one of my shortest blog posts, I end it here.

See you guys in two weeks!


(The featured image is of a part of the Queen’s Market Place where I used to work on Big Island at 6 in the morning while I was on my ten minute break)


I Try: Coding

That title would have been ‘Learning to Code’ but ‘I Try’ looks a little bit better in my opinion (if you guys have better ideas, let me know because I am open to changing it).

But yes! I am trying to learn how to code! Let me outline the why first before I get into where I am learning and how the process is.

So think back into elementary school when we were all excited about going to the computer lab. Teachers would have us search things, learn how to use the search engine Yahooligans (which I just looked up and it was a legit just a website for kids and the links don’t work anymore), play typing games, and all of that fun stuff we got to do was so we would be prepared to use this technology in the future.

Why is my elementary nostalgia relevant now? A few reasons.

When I went to Target a few weeks ago, I saw these ‘Build Your Own Computer’ and ‘Coding For Kids’ things in the electronic section. I remember thinking how cool that all was and that if my little one expresses interest in that type of thing in a few years, I would definitely get it for her.

Then, last weekend, I went and saw “Incredibles 2” with my husband for Father’s Day. That scene where Bob was having trouble with the new math was very familiar because when I was in elementary school, Bob was my mum and I was Dash. The only difference was that they had a book of math that Bob could stay up and study, my mum only had my word to go off of and I wasn’t great at explaining math.

With the combination of those two events jumping around in my brain, I decided to learn at least the basics of Coding. Because with the way that human society moves forward in technology, there’s a very high chance that my little one will have basic code learning when she is either in elementary or in middle or in high school and I want to be able to help her with her homework.

Now, my little one doesn’t start school for another 2 1/2 years however, I figure there’s no harm in starting early.

So I did a bit of research and found one article that basically said “Don’t Learn Code if You’re Trying To Get Rich Quick” which isn’t my intention. Then I found CodeAcademy.

CodeAcademy has both paid and free courses on different types of coding. When you first start, it asks you what you want to learn and for what purpose and whether you want a free course or a paid course. I obviously chose a free course and I honesty don’t know what I am going to use the coding for other than just to know it so it set me up with learning Python.

Oh my dudes, learning to code is hard. I knew it was going to be hard so it wasn’t surprising but it’s legit learning another language. A computer language! The words and symbols all look similar to English but the input, the grammar basically, is different.

I have gone through several modules in the Python course and I am still only 20% through the course. I try to do it every day but depending on how much my brain hurts, I’ll give it a break for a few days.

But I do get back to it. It’s like reading a book that can be hard to read (like ‘The Jungle’ from Upton Sinclair) but it captivates you so you keep going back until you’re done.

If you were to ask me what exactly I learned, I wouldn’t be able to tell you in words. If you asked me to show you what I had learned, I probably would be able to…as long as you’re specific on what you wanted me to show you because there are so many things I have learned in just that 20%.

If there’s anybody who knows how to code out there, please let me know if I’m insane to continue this. I may not listen but at least I’ll know.

Thanks for reading! Aloha!

Set It Up, A Review

All of what this writer is saying is what I wanted to say but I am not great at writing like this writer is.

Ramblings of a Supposed Writer

New Netflix comedy Set It Up suprised me and I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I initially thought I would. Set It Up follows overworked assistants Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) who work tirelessly for their bosses Kirsten (Lucy Lui) and Rick (Taye Diggs). Deciding enough is enough they decide to set up their respective bosses so they’ll finally be able to have free time for themselves, the plan eventually works but the pair realise they’ll have to keep helping the two date if they want to continue living a boss-less life. As the bosses continue dating, Harper and Charlie also find themselves growing closer and closer despite both being in relationships.

At first glances Set it Up was a stereotypical rom-com with an obvious ending but in actuality it showed what it’s really like to be a modern young adult. Harper in particular…

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First off, Spawn is a term of an endearment like Little One. Just so you know. Also, at the suggestion of my husband and various family members, I have blocked out her face (these are bad times we live in so be understanding of our paranoia).


My toddler’s hair finally grew in after two and half years and of course the first way it grows is in her face. I have tried clips and hair bands and she likes it for five seconds before ripping it all out. And honestly, it wouldn’t bother me if she didn’t walk into a wall at least once a day because they are covering her eyes.

So today, I decided that it was time for her to be able to see. And I had to be the one to cut it.

Why did I have to be the one to cut it? Well, impatience for one. I can say for most certainty that I can be impulsive to the point of calling it a character flaw. Also, I remember my mum cutting my hair many times while I was growing up and it feels almost like a milestone in motherhood (at least in my family). Maybe even a bonding experience.

And we only have one car and my husband has work so I couldn’t take her to someone who actually knows how to cut toddler hair. I don’t know how to properly cut hair. So what did I do?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I actually used Google before doing (or writing) something. I had barely typed ‘How to cut Toddler…’ before I was suggested to click on a WikiHow article

WikiHow articles had actually helped me in the past so I clicked on it. It was helpful in general and usually I do better with written directions than I do verbal but it wasn’t enough to give me enough courage to cut her hair.

So I went back and redid the search while adding the words ‘…short hair bangs’ to the search in order to get something more specific (something that usually doesn’t work because specifics are usually a hinderance rather than helpful) and legit the first thing was a Hair Cutting Video.

I watched the video for the duration that was timed out and after watching the mum cut her young daughter’s bangs, I had more courage to do it.

Now, the entire time that I had been doing the searches, I already had my scissors, my hair spray bottle (which I originally got because it was a $1), and my brush laid out on my coffee table. My daughter was sitting in her chair that was on top of a towel with another towel draped around her shoulders (that I ended up not using because she didn’t want it). I had ‘Lady and the Tramp’ on to help distract her a bit. She didn’t know what was happening but she seemed down.

After I had dampened her hair and brushed it forward (and followed the general instructions), she kept trying to move her hair out of her face and moving her head. She was having a Thing 1/Thing 2 moment where she does the opposite of what you tell her.

After what I felt like twenty minutes (which means it was like 3) I was finally able to hold her head still while I cut her bangs along just the top of her eyebrows.

I say ‘top’ because her hair had dried enough that it would have been too long if I had cut them just on or just below the eyebrows.

First thoughts after I had first seen it were:

‘Omg did I do it right?’ Which is still up for debate and

‘Omg she looks even more like my sister.’ Which both my mum and my sister agree to (but when she smiles, she looks like me 🙂 )

Thanks for reading! Aloha!

I would love to hear a story about your favorite or worst haircut that you’ve had! Comment or contact me!


Movie Review: Set It Up

If your brain substitutes the ‘Up’ for ‘Off’ and you’re suddenly thinking about the 1996 movie that has Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, you are not alone. If not, then well you’re probably not alone either but we’re not in the same boat.

Anywho, Set it Up is a Netflix Original film that stars Lucy Liu, Zoey Deutch, Taye Diggs, and Glen Powell. It’s a story of two assistants (Deutch and Powell) who try to set up their small kine mean bosses (Liu and Diggs) up with each other so that they could go and actually live their lives.

Obviously this is a Romantic Comedy and I feel like it’s been a good hot minute (I blame my husband for introducing me to that phrase) since I have actually seen a romantic comedy that didn’t do the exact same thing as all the other romantic comedies. And that doesn’t make the other romcom movies bad, it just makes this one different.

Like, literally every other scene where you think you know what’s gonna happen because several other movies have had this exact same scene with only different scenery and they all played out the same, they end up not doing the thing and you’re just like whaaaa?

Okay maybe that last part was just me.

But I really enjoyed this movie. I was completely invested into the movie not even ten minutes in when Glen Powell’s character stole Lucy Liu’s food for his own boss.

Lucy Liu is amazing as usual. I love her. Like I’m having trouble finding the right words that I have about watching her in this movie. She goes from cool and dictator-like to soft and mentor like and then back in five seconds. She does describe why she is the way she is toward the middle end of the movie. Her character legit will call out everyone in short and precise sentences and even writing this and thinking back, her character just keeps it real from her standpoint of reality (does that make sense? Probably not).

Zoey Deutch is, okay I love Zoey Deutch first off. In the movies that I have seen her in, she absolutely kills it. From being a side character in ‘Beautiful Creatures’ to being one of the main kick ass characters in ‘Vampire Academy’ she fully embodies her role. This movie was no exception. She is sensitive, she enjoys sports intensely and, like Glen Powell’s character tells her later on, she is nice to everyone (except for him which is true and funny to me). She is also a bit of perfectionist when it comes to her work, which is not actually said and maybe I’m only noticing it because I’ve never been an assistant or an intern.

Here is the bad part, on my side: I actually had no idea who most of the actors were at first. I actually still don’t know who Glen Powell is or what else he’s been in but I DO know that he had me rolling a few times.

Glen Powell’s character’s moral code is legit always on the fence and the things he cares about can be seen as superficial and doesn’t really matter that much (as Zoey Deutch’s character points out) but that’s how most business investor type people are right? If not, well, the movies almost always portray them like that. Even with that though, there is something oddly endearing about him? Like if I was to meet someone like him in real life, I would roll my eyes affectionately. Also, he invented the LOOK. When you watch the movie, you’ll know what LOOK I’m talking about. We’ve all seen in the romcom movies before but he freaking owns it now.

Taye Diggs was familiar to me but I had to do an IMDb search first to figure out where I have seen him before (lo and behold, it was Rent where he played another asshole). Oh and props to Taye Diggs for acting his butt out because his character is a legit tantrum throwing man-child. And how I said Glen Powell’s character’s moral code is on the fence? Taye Diggs’ character’s is non-existent. He is a 30-year-old-something-or-another fuckboy in a suit. A High Maintenance fuckboy in a suit mind you. My lord almost every time he opens his mouth I wanted to shove a brick into it.

Which reminds me that I need to find the bloopers for this movie.

I love the roommates. They are hilarious. Zoey Deutch’s roommate is played by sunshine personify Meredith Hagner and Glen Powell’s roommate is played by funny man Pete Davidson. The two roommates never meet but their interaction with the mains is absolutely perfect as they understand their best friends more than anything. When their scenes come, they absolutely steal it.

Legit, I think my only complaint was that there wasn’t very much publicity going around before the movie released which I think is a weakness of Netflix a lot of the times. They don’t really hype up their own shows or movies very much which leads to shows like The Get Down and Sense8 being canceled because lack of views.

I was lucky enough to find out about it because one preview came over my Facebook feed and then a Buzzfeed writer watched it when it went up on the Netflix site and wrote about it.

So, in conclusion (I haven’t wrote those words since high school), I thought it was a really good romcom movie. Netflix couldn’t have picked better people to star in it. I really enjoyed it and I definitely recommend for anybody who enjoys romcoms or Lucy Liu to definitely watch it.

Thanks for reading! Aloha!

Book Review: The Good Girl

I received ‘The Good Girl’ by Mary Kubica at the first Book Club meeting I went to- which was also like a meet and greet type of party plus book swapping- and that was awhile ago. It actually took me awhile to read this because life kept coming up (like it does) and I found myself with very little time to sit down and be able to read this.

Because let me tell you something, once I started reading, I did not want to stop. Like, I was getting annoyed whenever I had to stop reading because I had to cook (and it’s not good to cook when you’re distracted unless you don’t care about a small fire or burnt food) or when I had to do a good clean instead of the half assed pick up I was doing around the house because I didn’t want to put the book down.

I even took this book to the bathroom! I don’t do that very often with books lately.

What makes this interesting, for me at least, is that I’m not usually into this book’s genre. ‘The Good Girl’ is a suspenseful thriller and that’s two descriptor words I try to avoid in my every day life. Like if it was a Sci-Fi or a Fantasy story that was a suspenseful thriller, that I am fine with it. But this book, which of course has a fictional story plot, is the type of book where you can see it happening in real life and I’m usually not into reading stuff like that because I become paranoid for days.

HOWEVER, obviously this book left it’s mark. I really don’t want to spoil it so I’m just gonna give the general gist of the story that’s also written on the back cover and then some.

So the story follows along the Before and the Aftermath of Mia Dennet being kidnapped and then found. But despite the fact that she is in fact the focus of the book, she is not the only main character. There are actually four main characters: Eve the Mother, Gabe the Detective, Colin the Kidnapper, and, of course Mia the Kidnapped.

The Before parts of the book tell the before Mia is found and it’s from the perspective of whosever’s name is at the top of the chapter. The Aftermath is about after Mia is found and what they are all going through.

Now while I had troubled putting it down, there were times where several subtle twists were thrown and I had to just step away for a second so that I could process it all. I cleaned, made sure the little one was okay and then went right back to it because I needed to get to the ending.

The ending was a twist! And not what you would think it would be because every time I thought I knew what was happening, it ended up not being that. And the last few pages of the book was no damn exception.

Do I recommend people read this book? Most definitely. I really enjoyed reading it and going up and down it’s roller coaster.

Thanks for reading! Aloha!

If you have a favorite book or just finished reading and care to share, you can comment on this post and let me know because I am always on the hunt for my next read.

The Uncertainty of Coming Out

This past month of June has been Pride Month. A month that I celebrated as an Ally and a closeted Bisexual.

Oh yes, I can hear the record scratch in your head. Despite the fact that I cannot see you and that this isn’t a live writing, my heart is pounding hard in my chest and my eyes are beginning to water writing this. You are not related to me, but you are reading my first sincere coming out.

Since questions are common when it comes to this, I’ll just start to answer them and maybe dive into my story. If you stick around until the very end, you’re the real MVP.

For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to both boys and girls. In elementary school I remember not actually thinking too much about it. Middle school came and I had a rash of boyfriends because, ya know, I was totally ready for that despite not even understanding what a boyfriend was beyond someone you get to hold hands with and kiss. Things I couldn’t do with girls without it being considered even more weird than I was already being called.

I remember a specific girl. She was my best friend and my first girl crush, though I didn’t realize it at the time. I remember feeling around her what I felt around boys and because I was young, just attributed it to being close and the fact that she helped me through my depression at the time. We’re no longer best friends because of time and distance but we are still friends and follow each other on social media and she’s still as beautiful as I remember.

High school came and I was questioning everything. I was questioning my faith. My moral code. Who I was. My sexuality. All the parts of growing up. I still had my crushes on girls but not confident enough to actually ask any of them out. I was being bullied and my self esteem was torn to shreds and without realizing that it was happening, I pushed down the urge to come out. To come out was to give them more fuel and I didn’t think I could handle the flames.

I remember asking my parents what they would think if I was bisexual. They said I better not be. They were most likely joking but who knows? I asked my grandparents what they thought about bisexuals. My papa said he thought they were a selfish people for liking and wanting both sexes. He was also probably joking. But I was 15 and long before any of us, including I, realized, I took all of it literally. At least my emotions did. So I kept my mouth shut.

About four years ago, a year after I graduated, I realized that there was nothing wrong with how I felt about both men and women. That the fact that I was attracted to both sexes didn’t make me selfish or more likely to cheat. Those aren’t facts.

And for those people who are saying, ‘Oh well, I dated this bisexual and they cheated on me’ or ‘oh I know a few people who were cheated on a bisexual’ Those people are cheaters. Using their sexuality is a cop-out. A convenient one for cheaters and for people who just generally have a disdain for bisexuals.

Anyways, despite that realization, I still did not come out. I do think I hid under the cover of ‘I shouldn’t have to come out since straight people don’t have to’ but that was MAJOR PRIVILEGE TALKING.

I was already in a Heterosexual relationship with my now husband at the time. He knew I was bisexual despite me not fully having to express that I was. We never discussed it. I never brought it up with his parents. I didn’t have to bring it up to strangers. BUT THAT’S BECAUSE I WASN’T IN AN “UNCONVENTIONAL” RELATIONSHIP.

People weren’t coming up to me and assuming shit because they us holding hands. We weren’t being asked to “perform” certain private things to “prove” we were together.

It’s only NOW, after being bisexual for as long as I can remember but being in a monogamous heterosexual relationship for six years, THIS pride month, that I realized not only the privilege I have been living under but also the lie. The lie that I am not queer. It may not be an explicit lie, but it’s an omission of myself, who I love and who I am attracted to (genitals be damn).

They are teens being kicked out of their homes. People who have been bullied when they have come out or when they have been FORCED to come out to the point where they commit suicide. Or they’re being sent to camps to make them straight.

And I have been sitting here protected by my omission.

With that sentence, with this whole post in fact, this is how I feel about ME. How I feel about what I have been through and what I have been doing. I have been through 10% hardship about sexuality. Nothing more.

I won’t deny it’s been hard to be around family and worry they’ll turn against you if you reveal your sexuality or constantly make fun of your sexuality. I won’t deny that a part of me shrinks every single time I hear that bisexuality is only a phase. I won’t deny that going through my tumblr and constantly seeing the back and forth between not only straight people but also people that are part of the LGBT+ as they try to determine whether or not they accept Bisexual people as a legitimate thing has made me wary and even scared of actually saying anything. But that’s 10% hardship for me.

Again, this is how I feel about me. I want nothing more than for the people out there to be safe. If you’re not ready to come out, don’t. I have been ready to come out for YEARS but I got comfortable and liked not fighting with my family or fighting for my identity.

Right now though, I am thinking of 15 year old me. How she needed an adult to tell her that if you are bisexual of course I still love you, and not as an afterthought once “Oh you better not be” or the like. I’ve been wanting nothing more than to be the adult that I needed when I was younger and I failed on the sexuality part for years. I need to make up for that if I want to become that adult.


This is my first official coming out post. For those of you who think I am a pussy for writing it on here and not on my Facebook, well, you’re not wrong. But this is a slow process I’m allowing myself. There are many things that will come out hopefully before the end of Pride month and even beyond that.

Because Pride month isn’t the only month I should take pride in who I am. Something I have to remember.

For those of you who read all the way until the end…you’re the real MVP.

Happy Pride!

Thanks for reading! Peace!