Steam Mopping for the First Time

My husband’s grandmother had given us a bunch of her household items so that we didn’t really have to buy anything when we first moved. We are set on dishes, cooking utensils, eating utensils, furniture (she gave us two desks along with a dining table complete with chairs and many more), and, of course, household cleaning equipment.

I never really had a chance to use the vacuum (which looks like it’s at least twenty years old) or the steam mop (which is probably just as old) she gave us while we lived in Monterey. I liked to claim that I was worry I was going to break the two, which is half the truth. The other part of it was I really really wanted new stuff to use but even with hard core budgeting, there just never seems to be enough left over to buy the shiny new cleaning stuff.

So I grit my teeth and with steady hands, I treated the vacuum as if it was brand new (which technically, its brand new to me) and I accidentally threw away the directions with the box it came in. I looked it over, figured out where the on-and-off switch was, how to make it bend, figured out that it wasn’t running right because the thing that holds all the dust and dirt from the carpets wasn’t snapped in right. Long story short, I got it to work and now I use it every day. This was maybe a week or so ago.

Now for why I’m writing this post. Today, after many days of just staring at it and having my friends telling me how awesome it is for the floors, I finally used it. I filled it up with water, without making a mess surprisingly, and plugged it in. I had no freaking clue how to use it.

I thought that the water would just start heating itself up on it’s own. Turns out I had to press down on the handle and to actually see steam, I had to press down multiple times quickly. Once I figured that out, I started mopping.

Honestly, it was very underwhelming. Then again, I don’t know what I was expecting. Steamed up windows? White steam blinding me as I got my floors cleaner than clean? Actually, I did expect my floor to feel warm at least while I was mopping.

Moving on from that, it did clean my floors really well. There’s been a milk stain that I’ve been having trouble to get out with the swiffer mop that the steam mop got out completely. Spots on my floor that I didn’t even know where stains were cleaned off. My floor looks twice as clean than when I use my swiffer.

What’s super cool is that the microfiber whatever it’s called on the mop can be washed so I don’t have to throw it away (I’m always for less waste).

Ultimately my review for a steam mop is five stars and will definitely be using once a week (every day is overkill and not something I’d do anyways if it wasn’t).

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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