Shopping Adventures part 2 (cont. from yesterday)

I said I would continue my story from yesterday and I am sticking to my word. After the mini adventure at Denny’s, the next leg of our adventure began pretty much as soon as we got into the truck. We were going to go to the Dollar store that my friends found online and because I watch Liza Koshy every week, I couldn’t stop saying: A dollah? A dollah!

Anywho, we had no idea where the dollar store was as none of us have been there before. So we turned to good ol’ Google Maps with the oh so helpful navigator narrator. The thing about driving in Oahu is that it sucks. Especially in a big truck. Getting out of parking lot is even worse because the turns are too narrow which caused us to go into the next lane. Just as my friend is going to straighten herself out and go back into our respective lane, a small car comes up, blocks her from her turning and starts beeping their horn at us. We started laughing.

The lady in the car wanted to go up the lane we were in and kept pushing her car forward I guess to try and tell us where she wanted to go (as if we didn’t already know?). Our wonder was why she didn’t just go around us since there was very little space for my friend to turn her truck without hitting a curb or a wall or the car in front of us(the developers did not make their roads truck friendly over there). So we just reversed back as she kept beeping her horn at us. When she finally went past us, we were in the middle of the road. We were lucky there had been nobody behind us.

Then as we turn out, another small car comes speeding up! Literally speeding up, brakes squealed as she stopped, and she started beeping her horn at us. It’s a small road and she expected a big truck to be able to speed on out without hitting the cars parallel parked on the opposite side? Yeah right. We laughed at her too. It was either that or flip her off. We continued to inch out and she, just like the car before her, just wanted to go up and squeezed past us on the same lane before we were even fully out.

Ultimately though, we got out of that small area in the big truck without hitting or scratching another car! Whoo! And that’s also the end of the worse driving experience I’ve had in Oahu so far (I’m pretty sure there will be more).

The Dollar store (a dollah? A dollah!) was only ten minutes away from the Denny’s which was awesome. We listened to music and talked story on the way there. The babies in the backseat were talking to each other (which was super cute but it sounded like yelling in different octaves). Parking was fairly easy compared to Denny’s (yay!). We debated for a moment whether or not we would get towed since we were technically parked in a separate shopping center than the Dollar store.

Paradise Dollar Store is small and cute. They have many cute things in there for between a dollar and three dollars. I bought a hair spritzer because I’m in a need for one which was a dollar. Then I bought the child condensed version of Tom Sawyer for three dollars (because it’s never too late or too early to start reading to your child).

After the Dollar store (a dollah? A dollah!) we headed to Kapolei to go to the outdoor mall. That was actually fun as I bought more than I thought I would (again). I got me some makeup from Sephora for the first time (it was expensive) along with a free gift since my birthday is coming up. Then we went to Hot Topic (I am one of those people yes). As much as I wanted to, I didn’t buy anything more than one of those sticky holders for the back of my phone (it’s a flower petal skull which I didn’t notice until after I bought it). Finally we went into Spencer’s and since my friend’s birthday is coming up as well, I got her a mug (because we are both coffee fiends). I got myself a Pokemon one because 1) it’s super pretty and shiny and 2) it’s nice to have another mug to use when your other one is in the wash.

Our final destination was Target. That was a good ten-fifteen minute drive from the outdoor mall and we were browsing in there for about an hour. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything but I ended up buying my little one letter blocks since they were on sale. I definitely got some ideas while I was in there for what I want in my house for organization (and possibly aesthetic) purposes that I ran by my husband afterwards.

We had another great day shopping together, talking stories and just generally cruising. I have really enjoyed hanging out with those two ladies (and the babies) for those two days in a row.

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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