Adventure at Denny’s

So yesterday my child and I were kidnapped to go on another cruise with my two friends again. This time, we went into Kapolei which is basically in the opposite direction of Pearl Ridge. At least I think it is, I’m horrible with directions.

The first stop in our trip was Denny’s in Waipahu. The Dollar store we heard about was also in Waipahu so we decided to eat breakfast before starting the second day of our shopping spree. The adventure started in the parking lot actually.

Despite Denny’s popularity, a lot of the time the location they decide to build leaves them with only a little parking lot (10-15 cars max usually) and the entrance to the parking lot is also the exit. Keeping that in mind, my friend has a huuuuge truck. Which would fit in perfectly on the Big Island but on Oahu? From what I’ve seen when it comes to parking that thing, not the best idea. I will say though that my friend is a freaking champ parking it.

We’re coming up into the parking lot and it’s full except for a space that with a few adjustments she could park in but we wouldn’t be able to open the doors wide enough for us to get out. Then we noticed the parallel parking right behind the wall of the dumpster which is big enough for her to park in and for us to open the doors. As soon as she parks, a wild dump truck appears just before the entrance to the parking lot. And they’re just sitting there.

We realized that they wanted to get in to where we were. Except we were confused on why they wanted our spot when it was clearly just parallel parking. Nonetheless my friend reverses out and we head into the actual parking lot. We sat there for fifteen minutes! There were no spots she could fit in and she couldn’t reverse out because of the dump truck (and, again I say this, she has a big truck). Someone wants out and starts to waving at us to move and we’re just like…how? we literally can’t go anywhere. My friend moved the front of the truck two inches to the left and the car goes past us, almost hitting the bed but I guess they couldn’t just sit and wait in their parking spot that they could reverse into again. A car beeps at us from behind…again, we can’t move. We couldn’t even go forward because there wasn’t any room for her to turn around. And that space from earlier? Taken already. So there’s nothing we can do.

Finally the dump truck leaves. And what’s funny is that we could have stayed parked in the parallel parking spot because the dump truck didn’t even go in it. They went all the way around and reversed out. We were watching and there was enough space that they wouldn’t have hit the truck. If they hadn’t made it obvious that they were waiting for us to leave the spot, we would have stayed.

After that mini car adventure we finally go into Denny’s. The hostess is an old lady we sat us immediately in a booth and was super nice. My little one decided she wanted to stand up in the seat the whole time while also trying to climb over the back of the booth. I considered myself lucky that she didn’t scream every time I stopped her (as toddlers like to do when you stop them from doing anything).

Unfortunately, this Denny’s was no Annie Miller’s with their many workers and cooks. We waited about 45 minutes to an hour for our food after we ordered. It took us 20 minutes to get a waiter’s attention when one of the little ones spilled their milk on the ground (we mopped up most of it with napkins from the table and the bathroom). I was tempted to just put on the stopwatch on my phone to time how long we waited in general. Now the way this is written, it looks like a negative review indicating you should never go there. But stay with me. Don’t skim away just yet.

The Denny’s wasn’t busy, they had plenty of tables open. But the tables that were occupied were occupied by families. So there were at least 3-6 at each table. Our waiter was extremely nice and was one of two waiters working. He wasn’t only our waiter, he was also our cashier. AND he was the busing the tables when he wasn’t waiting on them or being the cashier. The other waitress was playing hostess and doing the same jobs as him minus the cashier. HE apologized for making us wait (which I get is what customer service automatically does) and we told him to not worry about it. It didn’t take a genius to realize that they were short-staffed and I told him that we realized that. He then said they were down a server and a cook that day. Which explained why our food took so long.

Then the register started acting up while he was trying to finish ringing us up. Instead of getting impatient, we laughed it off letting him know it was alright (because he was apologizing again) because we have all been on the other side of customer service. We knew it wasn’t his fault. It’s just a matter of circumstances. We’re also not buttholes. One of the worst thing to do to someone who is working as best as they can is to make it worse but telling them that what they’re doing is not enough.

This popped up in my mind so stay with me for another second. Some people will say, Why should I treat servers like special snowflakes? They chose to serve, why should I expect less than great service? I’m not saying lower your standards on what you believe to be decent service but I’m also saying it’s not cool to be a butthole. That’s all. 🙂

To keep this post from being too long I’m breaking up the adventure over two posts. Tomorrow’s post will be about the better leg of our adventure (with a few road rage moments thrown in).

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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