Previous Day’s Adventure

Yesterday I went to the Pearl Ride Mall for the first time and oh my goodness I thought it was amazing. See the mall I grew up going to (like twice a year if even that) was on the other side of Big Island in Hilo. I lived on Kona side. So it was a four hour (two if taking Saddle but back then Saddle was pretty unsafe according to my parents) drive to even get there. It was also one story but still pretty big for me.

Pearl Ridge Mall is three stories high with two separate buildings that you can either walk between or take a mono-rail. That’s right, a mono-rail. We couldn’t take the mono-rail yesterday though because it was closed down for repairs. Lame Sauce.

Before we actually went to the mall, we went out to breakfast to this place called Annie Miller’s. According to my friend, there’s only one Annie Miller’s in existence and that sucks because oh my goodness people it was amazing. First, their uniforms are so freaking cute. It’s a red dress with a white peasant blouse underneath it because it’s one of those dresses that have the cut-out in the front. Secondly, the food portions were a really good size. I don’t think I’ve eaten that much for breakfast since I was pregnant. Even my little one enjoyed her little burger (she enjoyed the french fries way more of course). Third, to top it all off, their pie. I’m not sure how to outline how amazing their pies are. They have a good choice selection (I think like ten or twelve?), they have a stall dedicated to a five minute pie pick-up, and I think I died a little when I took my first bite of their strawberry pie that used actual strawberries and not preserves. When we were leaving the place, there were people waiting outside on the balcony to come inside and eat. All the waiting area seats were taken and there were people standing up waiting. It’s that good.

Now the mall itself was great because I saw stores that I haven’t seen before. There was Gymboree for babies. T.J. Maxx where I got my little one an elephant backpack leash (don’t throw stones guys it’s helpful if I don’t have a stroller).  A See’s Candies. A few local clothing stores that had really cute stuff. I had a lot of fun walking around. My little one had a lot of fun too. She was tugging on clothes like I knew she would but she listened and she loves her new backpack.

I’m proud of myself because I still have $40 left over from my $200 shopping budget. If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, especially Oahu, you’d know how little $200 actually is. But it seems yesterday was a good day to go shopping because there were many sales going on. Today we have another shopping adventure planned. I’m not sure where we’re going to go. I think Target and that’s going to be so much fun (I love Target).

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear about your favorite adventures (shopping, mini, whatever kind) in the comments! Peace!


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