The Bittersweet Parts of Life

I think I’ll do this in list form in order of when it hits my mind. It’s hard to rank bittersweet things in the first place.

1. Watching my baby grow- She is my tiny human but every day she’s getting bigger and one day she won’t really need me and while I will welcome a good uninterrupted night’s sleep eventually, it’s just so bittersweet watching her getting older (she’s only a toddler so I will have a loooooong time to feel this).

2. Reaching the end of a really good book (series)- Harry Potter was the first book series I read and the first movie series I really got into. Actually it was the only series I ever got super into that I still like. When I finished reading the last book, it hit me that that was the end. I cried bittersweet tears.

3. Giving birth- It was super painful but it was an end and a start. I was happy that I would be able to finally meet my child after 10 months of growing her. I was sad because there would be no more moving sensations inside me and I wouldn’t be able to protect her the same way. It was super bittersweet.

4. Vacations- It’s always nice to take a vacation from work and regular mundane life for a bit. Then it ends and you have to go back to regular mundane life (which, depending on the vacation, isn’t always so bad). But it’s still bittersweet.

And that’s the end of this super short list. There are tons of other bittersweet moments and parts of life. I would like to hear of other people’s bittersweet moments and experiences if you would like to share!

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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