Daily Blog that’s not actually Daily

There are many things that prevent me from posting daily like I keep claiming I do in my tags. The big one was that I was visiting family for a month. Originally it was supposed to only be for a weekend but then they needed help. Anything for family right? However, when it became obvious that they weren’t actually going to let me help out the way I thought I was supposed to (and the fact that I really missed my husband) I got the next cheap plane ticket home. Ultimately it was when they asked me to stay just so I could see an aunt that I haven’t seen in ten years that pushed me to book my ticket back home.

My aunt is not someone I care to be around but that’s for a different blog post.

I got home almost two weeks though, so why haven’t I posted in that time? My laptop (which is actually my husband’s old one) decided to play dead. Finally today I was able to get it to cooperate with me.

I do have the mobile version of WordPress on my phone but I’m not a fan of typing out a post on it. It takes longer and since my phone is on the fritz (thank you toddler for throwing it into the bathtub while mommy was making your bath) it’ll sometimes delete my post before I can publish it.

So my current solution to the lack of posts on my blog is to write a bunch of them out (and believe me, after a month and a half, I have quite a few topics I would like to write about) and then schedule them for throughout the week.

Thanks for reading this extremely short post! Peace!


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The Uncertain Adult Optimist

There is no manual on being an adult. There are many books on parenting and on being a spouse but I'm still slightly unsure about my roles in each. Here I blog my efforts, my uncertainties and my optimistic musings on adulthood, motherhood, wifehood and other general roles I may accumulate.

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