Booking baby’s ticket over the phone

So yesterday I flew at 5 in the morning to Big Island for my brother’s 21st birthday celebration on Friday. I am still super tired and judging by how early my little one knocked out for her nap, I am not the only one.

What’s interesting about flying in the islands is actually the airlines themselves. There’s a handful of them that fly just within the islands but there are two worth mentioning in the post right now.

The first one is IslandAir. They have a cute logo and cute planes but I have never flown with them and probably won’t ever because they’re the more expensive option between them and Hawaiian Airlines for just flying within the islands.

Hawaiian Airlines is a trustworthy Airlines simply because they’ve been around for so long and it seems almost everyone flys with them when island hopping. They have cheaper rates depending on the season and are even cheaper at times when booked through a third party (like Hotwire or Orbitz).

My complaint though is that when booking online and you have an infant under 2 that you’re sitting on your lap, you need to call the airlines in order to put the baby on the reservation after already securing the reservation for however many in your party (minus the baby). I’m curious why.

Why do we have to call versus being able to book my infant online? Why is that not an option? Either way it would still be free to book.

This is mainly my social phone anxiety talking because the less time I get to spend on talking to people over the phone, the better.

Thanks for reading this very short blog post! I’m visiting with family this week (and they don’t have wifi yet) so my posts will be shorter the next few days or non existent. Peace!


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