Dream June 8, 2017

Dreams are a huge part of my life. I believe that dreams are a good connection to the other side where we go once we pass on. It’s one of the few things in this life I am certain of. I have had multiple dream visits from my papa who passed when I was twelve. When I was pregnant with my little one, I had a dream visit from multiple relatives that I haven’t been able to meet but saw pictures of. The siblings I would have had, the ones my mum was unable to carry to term were there as well and I watched them grow from babies to the age they would have been if they had been born in this world.

Separating regular dreams from the ones with a message from the other side isn’t too hard. The ones with a message are usually much more vivid and are the last ones before I wake up. Regular dreams that I am able to remember in detail usually answer questions that I’m continuously asking myself or makes me confront fears I’m not realizing I’m avoiding.

With that introduction out of the way, I’m going to start writing my dreams down more and what I interpret them to mean because why not? It’s my blog. It won’t be every day though because not all my dreams are worth sharing or they’re too personal. The dream I had last night though, is definitely worth sharing.

It starts off with this mother of two, a young boy around nine or ten and a baby girl still breastfeeding who still needs to be carried, and her daily routine. She walks across the opening of a rock wall, goes to a well next to a pavilion and gathers water and other sustenance for her children. There is no night in my dream as it suddenly turns to the next day.

She is walking across the opening again, her face calm, her body calm, but anxiety and worry and sense of hurry is radiating off her. That and an absolute determination in her choice. Then as she crosses, the boy is grabbed from behind by a man who is angry and looks it. The mother, still calm despite the fact that I can see she is also angry as well as scared for her son who is confused at what is happening. She ignores the man, and in that exchange I see their entire relationship.

He was her husband and he was abusive. He was also ignorant. The boy has mental illness (I can’t be sure what it is) and the man believed that the boy will grow up fine as long as he kept beating him daily whenever the boy did something wrong. The son is conflicted because his father is a man and he has grown up being taught that men were superior to women and that should always be listened to no matter what a mother may say.

Seeing the conflict in her son’s eyes the mother calmly tells him, “When you are ready, you can cross the wall.”

Then she turns and walks away, the baby girl still cradled in her arms, close to her chest. The man is infuriated that his wife dare leaves him. This time when she had crossed the wall, she had decided that she was not going back to him or to the other side. I’m not sure why, but the man cannot follow her.

While the man is distracted by his anger and yelling after the mother, the boy thinks about what his life will be like and as he watches the figure of his mother slowly getting farther away, fear begins building in him. The man had let go of his arm and the boy ran across the wall after his mother who turned as soon as he crossed. The man is beyond angry but he cannot cross so he just curses them.

Other women who had crossed the wall and stayed beyond it, away from their husbands, welcome the mother and her children.

And that was the end of that dream. One of the few dreams I’ve had that end in a happy ending or at least end on it’s own instead of by me waking up.

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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