Beef Broccoli yum

Beef Broccoli is one of my favorite dishes. Don’s Chinese Kitchen in Waimea on Big Island has some of the best beef broccoli. Since I don’t know how to make it, I went to the one place I knew would have a recipe: Pinterest.

The link to the recipe I used is here:

The first time I made it, it didn’t come out great but good enough. I didn’t have enough shoyu (soy sauce) the first time around so I added water to get it to the measurement. Wasn’t terrible but it didn’t allow the sauce to thicken the way it should while cooking. So my advice? Make sure you have enough shoyu.

Another mistake I made was cut the meat pieces too big despite the recipe saying 1/4 inch thick. I’ll be honest, I’m a very new cook so I’m not sure on how to actually cut meat correctly to achieve certain results but I learn (I’m also too lazy to look it up online when I’m in the middle of it). So the first time I cut the meat I was cutting it like I would vegetables which obviously didn’t help with the thickness. I was also cutting with a butter knife since that was the only type of knife I had at the time.

What I did differently this time (besides having an actual cutting knife) was I cut sideways. That sounds weird probably. I angled the knife so when I was cutting into the meat it was like it was only taking off a layer instead of a chunk. I like small pieces so whenever the pieces were getting too long while I was cutting I would turn the meat to get smaller pieces going again.

That’s how my beef broccoli looked once it was done cooking (I’m a bit of a messy cook so please excuse my dirty stovetop).

To complete the meal, I also made rice (rice is my favorite side dish, I eat it with almost everything) and then I added Kim Chee (because why not cross cultures) for a bit of spiciness.

This is the type of Kim Chee I use. It’s one of my favorites and available in pretty much all the stores here.

I present my lunch that I am very proud of. Of course eaten with Malama chopsticks because they’re eco friendly, cheap, and I like chopsticks.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking! Peace!


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