Things to keep in mind when you’re visiting Hawaii

This post has been brought to you by the random memories of customer interactions from when I worked at a popular coffee shop by the hotels on the Big Island.

I’m just going to get right into it:

Keep in mind that the islands of Hawaii are tropical and tracking weather here is always off a bit. Especially if you’re on the Big Island (which has several different climates). Be prepared for cold days and hot days as well as random thunderstorms that can last at least two weeks and heat waves during what should be the “cool” months (September to May).

•When sightseeing, the driver needs to remain focused and going speed limit to prevent possible accidents. There are plenty of places to pull off and stare at the scenery. Adding to this, if you are going to stop and take pictures, go all the way off the main road (you look like a jerk if you don’t).

•When you ask locals for help finding a place, keep in mind that they’re going to give you directions according to locally recognizable buildings that you may miss. Also if you try to correct a local on a location or a pronunciation, they will stop helping and point you in the opposite direction.


BEWARE of tour companies offering to take you to hidden places or onto private property. Some are illegal and they don’t have the permission of the owner. Always ask questions so you don’t get into trouble.

•If looking for local souvenirs to take back home, definitely hit up local farmer markets and even the random street vendors you see on non-market days. Buying local helps the state economy which in turn helps locals survive (living in Hawaii costs a lot).

Be Careful of the homeless. Some of them are sent here on one-tickets from their home state because they lack the resources to otherwise take care of mental or welfare needs. Other homeless are lazy and are here to ride on the generosity of the locals. Then some are addicts. However, many of them are families who can’t afford both the rent and food as the cost of living keeps going up so they choose to feed their families (these are good people and you need not be wary of them; just the homeless with the same signs).

•There are very few places and businesses that are open 24/7 so best to stock up on food and snacks and drinks before 11 if you’re a late night type of person.

Lastly, enjoy yourself while you’re visiting. Go out and explore the islands. Stay in the hotel and relax. Expand your food horizons. Hit up restaurants that you recognize. Either way, Hawaii has almost everything.

Thank you for reading! Peace!


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