The DMV: A Rite of Passage

I really feel like that a person isn’t an official adult they’ve had to stand in line for hours (unless they get there right when the office opens) only to be told that they don’t have all the necessary documents and have to come back and do it all again later on that day or on another day. Double whammy if when they do come back and are told by a different worker that the extra documentation brought in wasn’t needed like the previous person told them.

Can you tell I’ve been through that?

Let me tell you something, I’m 21 years old and I’m only now getting my driver’s license. I didn’t get my permit until I was 18 (or 19 I actually can’t remember). It wasn’t because my parents didn’t want me to learn in high school, it was because the DMV required the permission of both biological parents for me to obtain a provisional. This wasn’t possible because my biological father wasn’t in the picture and we weren’t gonna contact him to get his permission because drama followed that man every time he came around.

So I waited. Man oh man, the first time I tried to get my permit was an experience. Yes, the first time I tried.

I had bought my driver’s test book, studied, got all the documents put together that the book said I needed and then went to the office at the scheduled time they were supposed to be back from lunch so I could be one of the first in line. Sign said they would be back at one in the afternoon.

They didn’t open the office until two-thirty. Strike one.

I go in, I wait with a few others as we had put all our stuff into separate baskets and slid them the worker behind the desk one at a time and sat in the order we had given the workers our documents.

Time is going by and each person who had been in front of me has been sent away about not providing proof of address. I figure I should be fine because the drivers book told me that my state ID worked as a proof of residency. 

Then it’s my turn and the worker asks me for two pieces of mail proving residency. Confused I tell the worker that I read that I only needed my state ID. They tell me that I’m wrong and I need two pieces of mail in my name like a bank statement or a land tax paper proving I live at the address I had given. Well, I lived with my parents. They needed to come in with two pieces of proof that they lived at the address given and then sign an affidavit that I lived there too. Strike three and I’m sent on my way.

The rules had changed and it would seem that they hadn’t cared to tell anyone until they came in. What a waste of time for everyone involved.

I got my permit on my second try and passed my permit test. Yay.

So here is a quick outline for those heading to the DMV on the Big Island of Hawaii trying to get their permit and then their license (18 and older):

•Documents you’ll need- All of it. Bring your birth certificate, your social security card and any type of government issued ID. Bring two pieces of mail that prove your residency (your residential address which is not the same as your mailing address) so like a bank statement, a property tax bill and utility bills. If you’re living with someone, they need to come with you with the proof above (if nothing is in your name) and sign an affidavit for you.

•Money. I believe it’s $15 for a permit test. Always good to carry at least $40 in cash nowadays anyways. Drivers test is $10 I think (but I can be totally off. I’ll update this again after I take my test again).

•When you’re at the DMV, DO NOT go straight into line. They have a former they need you to fill out first that is usually at the front. Just looks for stacks of paperwork with pens next to it.

•After passing your permit test you can schedule a driver’s test for two weeks after that day (again, only if you’re 18 and older).

•Parallel Parking is part of the test (it didn’t use to be so I was thrown when I was asked to…I failed).

I do believe that is all you need to know. If any of you go to the DMV and things come up that I didn’t list…obviously they changed the rules and I was unaware. Sorry!

Thanks for Reading! Peace!


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