Book Review: Carve the Mark

I like to read reviews of new books I’m reading or going to read. Mostly to see what other people’s perspectives and insights are. Looking this book up on google was interesting. I first started typing: “Carve the Mark…” then Google helped the ending by suggesting: “…racist.”

Um, What?

So of course I click on it, my troublesome curiosity stirring within me. How was this book Racist?

First link to come up was a blog post that detailed why this book and another book I haven’t read was racist (or at least falling into the racist trap that many authors fall into when world building….or something like that). I read the whole review and came back with the assumption that the blogger hadn’t read the whole book. If they had, they obviously decided to only use examples that fit their rhetoric.

Look I’m not saying their opinion is wrong, I just don’t agree with it. When reading the book myself I didn’t find it racist despite there being racism in it (I swear there’s a difference).

Other reviews I read stated that the book was too long and not as straight forward as Veronica Roth’s Divergent Series (which I haven’t read yet so I can’t make a comparison of my own). But that is what I liked about the book. I liked that the detail the author put into the book because my imagination was able to conjure about the scenery. I was able to connect and grow with the characters.

As more people are becoming open with what triggers negative situations for them, I will add warnings in case someone that does have triggers are to read my review. There is ritualistic cutting in the book which would fall under mutilation; there is murder, torture, swearing, mentions of mental, emotional and physical manipulation and abuse. It’s very much a book for young adults and older.

In closing, I really enjoyed this book and do recommend it for anybody who is alright the warnings mentioned above. I try my hardest not to spoil things for people when giving reviews (I’m either super vague or I spoil everything; there is no in-between) so I’m sorry if this review isn’t awesome. But I do hope you read the book to make your own assumptions and to escape our reality for a little while.

Thanks for Reading! Peace!


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