Baby Talk: Sickness

There are a lot of websites and blogs that let you know the illness that your little one has by matching it up with the symptoms they’re showing. They’ll even let you know what you should watch out for in the first two years (up a five years) of your little one’s life. I love those websites.

But nothing beats going to the doctor for your baby when they’re sick. I’m usually filled with anxiety whenever my child is sick and while websites are awesome the assurance of a doctor is the only thing that calms the anxiety down a bit. I’ve been lucky to have gone to a pediatrician clinic that offer at-home remedies for when she has a small cold, a runny nose or just a cough alone.*

There is still things that throw me off a little bit. Like how when my little one is running a 101 degree fever (Fahrenheit), I actually shouldn’t bother calling the doctor’s unless it’s been steady for a day. Seriously? Yep, they say wait to call unless the little one is running at least a 104-105.

The reason that messed with my account brain is because growing up my mum would try to keep my fever under 102 and took me to the ER when it spiked to 103-104. Fevers are scary for me and my family.

If you’re like me and my family (and confused by the fever system) here’s a tide bit of advice when it comes to a little one’s fever: call the doctor’s office anyways.

I’m sure that’s going to seem annoying to the nurses and the doctors (I have heard the annoyance in a nurse practitioner’s voice) but I am still not 100% confident in my parental role especially when she gets sick. I need reassurance and I need to be told what I should do, even if it’s simple, nearly every time my little one has a fever for more than two days. I also know I’m not the only one because majority of my family is the exact same way.

Now when it’s day one of the fever, I like to try to see if it’ll ride out on its own because then it’s a Teething fever (I just love teething) and she’ll be fine. Day two, if the fever didn’t at least go down over night and starts spiking and her skin is burning to touch, I put a cool cloth or paper towel over her forehead and neck. She absolutely hates it but at least the fever will go down. I’ll also give her baby Tylenol or the fever killer that starts with M that I can’t remember right now. Day three, I’m calling the doctor’s office (if she hadn’t developed any other symptoms) or walking in as soon as they open (if she does develop a runny nose and a cough along with anything else). I take the doctor’s (or nurse’s) advice from there.

Just to put this out there so you all don’t think I’m running around with my hair sticking everywhere like a bad cartoon all stressed out with worry: I’m, outwardly, very calm when this is going on despite freaking out on the inside. Like I said, fevers are scary for me (simply because numerous things can be wrong with fever as a symptom). But the situation doesn’t get better from a freak out (though I know I’d probably feel a tad better from letting off a little steam).

Oh and you know what’s weird (besides the whole ride of parenthood)? Sleep disappears when my little one is sick but not in the same way as when her Sleep Regression cycles hit. I suddenly cannot sleep at night after she’s gone down. It’s like sleep isn’t part of my biological code anymore. Then sometime during the day I’ll crash when she does and the illusion is shattered.

Thanks for reading! Peace!

*For built up mucous (the little one’s cough will be an indicator), try using some honey (just teaspoon or a few squirts) mixed with warm water. For a stuffy nose, a warm damp cloth placed over the bridge of the nose (or dragged down over it) for about thirty seconds; the snot should be less crusty and solid after that and could be cleared (semi) by a nasal bulb.


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