Skin care struggle

I almost envy the simplicity of my husband’s body care routine. Mostly for his almost completely clear skin (tmi time: I’ve had acne since I hit puberty). Not only does not needing acne products leave more money in the bank, it also cuts down on the time spent in the bathroom.

It actually took until I became a mum to learn about all the skin and hair care I had been neglecting for years. I just recently found out (thanks to the toilet paper test) that I have normal-oily skin and only using acne scrubs had actually made the oil production worse by drying out my skin too much. Whaaaat?

I wish they had an elective on this stuff in high school. But at least we have Pinterest now. That is where I’ve learned majority of my skin, hair and nails knowledge.

Unfortunately everyone reacts differently to different products so I’m always double guessing what I should get. So far my favorite skin care routine is called No. 7. But since moving, I had left them at my parents house and have yet to find them in the stores where I’m currently living. The nearest Target is about thirty miles away and I don’t have the car to get it.

So I went onto a different line of skin care products.

I use the Aveeno lotion so after passing these products multiple times in the local store I decided to try it out. Daily scrub every morning, followed by the cleanser and finishing off with the daily moisturizer. Night time it’s the cleanser again followed by the intensive night cream.

I like the scrub because it just clears away whatever makes my skin look so dull in the morning. Just like it says on the bottle, my skin looks brighter afterwards. The foaming cleanser feels super light when I rub it onto my skin and I definitely feel cleaner after I wash it off and seal my skin with cold water. My skin also felt drier. Reading the warnings about drying out the skin too much, I go to the daily moisturizer. I’ve been putting on a thin layer but I think I will have to put more because my skin still feels dry ten minutes after.

My skin care routine is extremely short compared to what I should be doing to keep my skin healthy (like eye serum for example which I heard is a tired mum’s best friend) but I’m also on a budget. If only they made cheap but quality skin products so that I can feel pretty without breaking the bank.

The Aveeno products come out to about 11-15 bucks each depending on where you’re shopping. It’s not too bad compared to the pricing of some other products but it’s still not exactly cheap to be spending each time I run out.

I’ll most likely come back to this post in a few months and talk about the next round of products I’m using as the journey to outer beauty is never ending.

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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