Baby Talk: Sleep Regression

I want to lead this post with a fact: I am not a baby expert.

I honestly feel like I barely know my own child, now hitting toddler age, sometimes. Especially when the Sleep Regression cycles hit. 

The book, What To Expect: First Year, is what initially warned me of those cycles but I have forgotten most of it has said about dealing with it. Sleep Regression is when the baby’s sleeping patterns become more erratic because of all the mental, physical and emotional development their going through. It can effect how they sleep through the night or their naps during the day or both. Apparently even the babies who have a pretty good sleep routine will go through this. Despite what some people think (who dont post online that I know of thank goodness) I really doubt the environment the baby is in can cause Sleep Regression. How messed up the sleeping schedule gets depends on the baby. 

For my little one, who now only wakes up once throughout the night, she will wake up four to five times more than she usually does when she goes through her Sleep Regression. And each time is like the first time it happened, I’m unsure of what I do so I look it up online (How To Deal with Sleep Regression) because I don’t remember what I did the previous cycle to get her to sleep. I’ll try and retry all of the tricks they throw at me (except closing the door on her, she doesn’t react well to a closed door when she wakes up even if she’s sleeping with me). In the end, I just try to make her as comfortable as possible while trying to sleep when she does.

What do I recommend for this stage? I recommend trying everything until you find something that works. Each cycle can yield different results. Last cycle my little one didn’t like me patting her butt when before that it was one of the sure ways to tip her over the sleepy edge when she’d fight it.

Now Sleep Regression is one reason for a baby’s sleeping schedule to get thrown out of whack. Teething is another. And honestly, if it wasnt for books and the internet telling me when the Sleep Regression will normally hit, I would definitely confuse the two. And that’ll be a post for a different day.

I hope this was a little helpful. Just know that you got this and that coffee (or an energy boosting beverage of your choice) is your best friend during these cycles.

By the way, I’d love to know what you mommas out there do to get through these cycles by commenting or messaging  (I think you can do that on WordPress I’m not sure).

Thanks for Reading! Peace!


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