Not A Wine Mum…

…but I am definitely a beer mum. Or a Jack Daniels mum if my parents are watching my little one.  Or a mojito/magarita/martini mum when I go out with my cousins or husband. Point is, I am definitely one of those mums that partake in destroying my liver. Does it make me a bad mum? Hell no.

I bring this up partially because it’s funny how some people will look at me a certain way when I tell them I drink on occasion. That look that’s super judgy? It’s also surprising because tons of parents drink on occasion, it’s joked about, there’s even pages dedicated to wine moms.

At first, those looks made me second guess myself as a mother. Is it really okay for me to be getting inebriated while my child is asleep? The answer I finally came to is yes.

Did I lose the anti-fun pro-judgey people there? Good I hope so.

I am not saying that every parent out there needs to drink in order to unwind from a particularly long day or week. But partaking in anything that brings you a bit of pleasure doesnt make you a bad parent or a selfish parent. Im sure a lot of you are going no duh but this is the type fear that just randomly hits parents who just want to be the best they can be for their children. Especially for me. I am uncertaim about pretty much everything when navigating mommyhood (let alone adulthood) so I’m a pretty easy target for mommy shamers. Im lucky to have friends and family though that understand completely and help me to confidence.

Continuing on to the drinking, I am not saying get hammered. You’re smart people. You’ve figured out the internet. Know your limits and responsibilities.

Now, if it wasnt obvious to you, I am currently sipping on a beer while writing this. I have earned this beer. Just like you’ve probably earned a drink. Or ice cream. Enjoy yourself parents, you’ve earned it.

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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The Uncertain Adult Optimist

There is no manual on being an adult. There are many books on parenting and on being a spouse but I'm still slightly unsure about my roles in each. Here I blog my efforts, my uncertainties and my optimistic musings on adulthood, motherhood, wifehood and other general roles I may accumulate.

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