The Friendships that Lasted

I very recently posted about friendships dissolving after high school, my own experiences with it, so I decided to write one about the friendships that have lasted after High school and beyond my own expectations. A fun part of it is that this post is about two people as well. Sort of like the counterparts to the other two. Or parallels (I’ve sucked at math all my life including when it’s applied in literature so I’m not sure if I’m using the word right). Either way they are amazing people.

The first one has been my best friend for nearing eight years now. She had been new to the first high school I attended and the civics teacher sat her with me. I highly doubt his thought process was: “These two seem like they’ll be best friends forever, I’m going to seat them together” but that’s what ended up happening. We bonded very quickly over Harry Potter and Anime.

She is inspiring. When I started sleeping over her house in Sophomore year I was constantly in awe of her and her excitement for everything and anything she was interested in. Whatever she did, she gave 110% and I was more than happy to be along for the ride.

I know I’m gushing over her but she deserves it. Beyond being an awesome person in general, she is an amazing friend. She has listened to me over the years, has been there for me in extremely difficult times and she doesn’t pressure me to be something I’m not. She encourages me to explore my creative side, a side that many people have tried to get me to push down because it doesn’t make money. She’s kept me from drowning.

The other thing about our friendship is that we don’t text every day. We’ll go months without talking. When we do get in touch, it’s as if time hasn’t gone by. There’s no awkwardness. Even in our silence. I never knew friendships like this could exist; they’re not written about as often. 

Gushing time-out. Time to give my other best friend some love.

We met at my second high school. The first time we actually talked was when we were both hiding from teachers and went the same way. He was a friend of a friend, we didn’t have any classes together but we hung out in the same areas with the same people. He was cool and reserved and interesting. You ever meet someone that you were just dying to know? I have no explanation why I did. But I didn’t try to that first year.

The second year I was there, my senior year, I had the greatest fortune of having him in my Spanish class. So what does my obnoxious butt do? It sits right next to him and makes sure that that is my seat for the rest of the year. I was determined to know this guy. I’m glad I did.

First thing to say about him, he is strong. He is one of the strongest men I have the pleasure of knowing. He is also good. He is a good listener and Ann good friend. My god I don’t deserve him, either of them really. He also allowed me to be me. He didn’t take my apologies. Did I know he was going to become my best friend? No I didnt. He was a surprise.

I have trouble writing about him because I want to write about his struggles that he overcame, that he’s still overcoming. My god he’s inspiring. He’s also humble and extremely modest. I’ve wanted to shake him so many times until he admitted he was awesome. He and I do text almost every day. We talk about anything and everything. 

I hope you have friends like these. Friends that make you want to get up in the morning when you feel like the day is already gonna suck. Friends that inspire you. Friends that don’t beat you down about positive things.

I hope I have these friends for the rest of my life. I did make them my child’s godparents, official in a church and everything. They are the best type of people for her to be around, for her to be mentored by.

Thank you for reading! Peace!


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