Making Appointments as an Adult

Out of everything they teach us-“they” being the adults in our lives, our teachers, our parents, our aunts and uncles  (in Hawaii “Aunty”  and “Uncle” are used in place of “Ma’am” and “Sir” as terms of respect), our doctors- none of them taught us how to make appointments on our own. That probably mostly fell on the parents but if your parents are similar to mine then your parents probably made all your appointments for you up until you hit 18 (in some lucky cases a bit longer).

I’m not sure exactly why I get filled with this weird dread whenever I go to pick up my phone to schedule an appointment for myself. Making one for my daughter is no problem, I have to do that or else my little one wouldn’t be vaccinated against many dangerous diseases that could take her from me. But when it comes to making an appointment for me, I have to be absolutely miserable and a little delirious from fever in order to conjure up the confidence to even talk to the nurse.

Do I recommend being terribly sick before calling if you have the same dread I do when it comes to making Appointments? Hell no. I’m a hypocrite and have more faith in your ability to be confident in making an appointment than in mine.

I know it’s hard. Half the time I don’t know if I’m making a fool of myself on the phone. Even with the questions and answers to possible questions  (I often envision different scenarios in my head before I do something) written down in front of me, when I hear the nurse on the other end I suddenly forget how to read and start stumbling over my words while the beautiful curse words that start with ‘F’ and ‘S’ are replaying in the faint background of my mind.

Maybe that’s what it is. Not wanting to mess up. I mean the first impression these nurses get from me could be my lack of ability to speak coherent sentences. Optimistically I’m probably not the worse they’ve ever heard over the phone and by the time they actually see me they have probably totally forgotten about my probable verbal mistakes over the phone (and trust me, there’s been a lot of those). 

I’m not gonna write the less optimistic point of view that just popped into my head because then I’ll be going back and forth all day. I don’t feel like doing that.

I will say that I’ve kind of written myself into making my appointments. If it was already obvious what I’ve been putting off doing today.

Thanks for reading! Peace!


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