Biological clock out of whack

I’m currently writing this at almost five in the morning Hawaii time which means that most of the world has been awake for at least an hour already. Doesn’t seem too crazy except I’ve been up since one in the morning. Why can’t I sleep? I honestly don’t know for sure.

My sleep schedule when I was a child to throughout high school was bedtime at eight no matter what and wake up was at six-thirty. When I started working, my day would start at three in the morning and I was still down at eight most nights. My body adjusted to the new schedule quickly because it was reptitive. I’d only have sleepless nights whenever I hung out with friends.

When I became a mum, my sleep schedule and my body alarm clock have been out of whack so sleepless nights have become common, especially in the first half of the year after I gave birth. When my little one started having longer sleep cycles my body didn’t adjust as quickily and the sleepless nights continued. Now that my little one is a toddler, I sleep better but nights like these haven’t become rare and sometimes they’ll last for up to two weeks.

Two weeks worth of tossing and turning and finally giving up and just staring at the ceiling.

The last time it happened I tried something that I hadn’t before; I smoked weed.

Dun Dun Dun!

I’ve heard that depending on the type of person you are, weed can help you sleep if you’re having trouble. Being the amateur scientist and curious to a fault I of course tried it. And it worked! Would I do it every time I can’t sleep? Nope. Unless I’m going on two weeks unable to sleep longer than four hours per night.

Yes I realize that weed is still federally illegal and it’s illegal in Hawaii unless you have a medical ID card stating you need it. 

Oh and yes I have tried different types of tea that are supposed to help you sleep longer but they didn’t do that for me. The teas actually made me more irritable whereas after smoking weed I notice that the irritability that had been building steadily over the days started dissolving.

Warm milk didn’t help either.

Coffee to stay up during the day despite being exhausted? There’s only so much coffee one can drink before it stops being effective and you’re left with only headaches (believe I know, I used to work at Starbucks). I had quite literally exhausted the affordable and convenient Google list of methods to help me go to sleep and stay asleep.

Now, even if I wanted to smoke weed to go to sleep, I couldn’t. I live in military housing now plus it wouldn’t reflect well on my army husband at all if I were to get caught (and yes my husband is aware that I smoked weed before). It’s also only night 1 of lack of sleep so I’m pretty sure that coffee will help me through the exhaustion when it hits me.

I’m pretty optimistic that I’ll be able to sleep better tonight and if not, I can always ask dear old Google for more sleep remedies.

Thanks for Reading! Peace!


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