I have started my mommy blogging a little late in the game-my little one is 16 months old- but as the overused saying goes: better late than never. With a year gone, this blog post will be a generalization of what I’ve learned about my baby and about myself as a mother.


In my opinion Mommyhood begins when someone who becomes pregnant decides to carry the baby to term as well as keep the child to raise as their own. I was eight weeks pregnant when I found out but it was at eleven weeks, when I had my first ultrasound, that I decided to keep my little one, a choice I am glad I had made (in a later post I’ll explain more about the situation I was in). That was when I became a mother.


10 months went by  (yeah, that whole 9 month thing we were taught about? Not an entirely accurate measurement prenancy) and I was finally induced after going a week and a half over my initial due date (totally normal). The pain struck me about fourteen hours after bejng induced and I started pushing four hours after that. My little one was strong and healthy to my greatest relief. It’s alright mommies, that small seed of doubt over the health of your unborn child that grew during pregnancy? Totally normal. But it also doesn’t die in the way you hope. Just wilts.

The First Half of the Year:

The first half of the year with a new baby is spent learning how to deal with circumstances that are gonna come up a lot in the future. At the time of course, you have no clue that’s what is going to happen. I bought the book: What to Expect First Year and it helped me track my little one’s milestones as well as what I could start doing with her. I honestly preferred the book over the advice my mum gave me since it was more concrete answer was backed up by doctors.

My mum was a great help. With a husband away training and being unsure about what the hell I was doing (as well as postpartum healing) my family was a godsend and I was very lucky to have them. When I needed to take a shower, I could count on them to watch my little one for me. Every two hours my little one woke up at night, my mum would come down and talk with me as I sorely breastfed her for the first two weeks (breast feeding got better thankfully).

However, it seemed the more confident I got with taking care of my little one, the more wrong my parents saw me doing. This is apparently a very normal way that grandparents act.

The first half of the year was actually the easy part. I quickly learned what cries were about hunger or fussiness. My biological clock had synced with her sleeping routine. I was really looking forward to when my little one started crawling and being able to play more. Oh boy I wish I had been more prepared.

The second half of the year:

The second half of the year begun with my little one going through a sleep recession which happens to every baby at different times. My little one ended up being the typical type and every four months the sleep recession would happen. I’m not proud of the fact that I did get frustrated for the lack of sleep we were both getting but it is normal. Even telling myself that doesn’t make me feel any less bad about it and I highly doubt anyone feels better. It’s just a reminder that we are human and not super human as media outlets and even other people try to make us be.

Another new common woe for my little one and me was teething. For her it was the pain of new teeth cutting through that to relieve some of it she needed to clamp down on something firm. For me it was my breasts sometimes being the firm something. I tapped her mouth, a trick I learned from another mommy, when she bit down and she stopped it soon enough.

The fun but also tiresome part of the second year was when my little one transitioned from crawling to walking. Before when she only crawled, she was easily entertained in her playpen by squishing her face against the mesh and staring at us. Walking brought on a whole new world and my family and I scrambling a round trying to put things up so she couldn’t grab it. My little one has hit her head many times. She also went through a multiple growth spurts.

Writing generally about this past year makes me wish I could go into my memories and actually physically relieve some of it. Like holding her for the first time. I savored that moment, but I still miss how tiny she used to be…mostly because she couldn’t squirm away from me and she actually wanted to be held close to me. Nowadays it’s a toss up.

Thank you for reading!


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